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Thanos-inspired 'Baju Koko' For All Marvel Fans. Only In Indonesia!
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Thanos-inspired 'Baju Koko' For All Marvel Fans. Only In Indonesia!

Following the rise of T’challa-inspired Muslim attire, Marvel fans have yet another reason to rejoice as Thanos-inspired baju koko (male Muslim attire worn on special occasions) has hit the local markets.

Source: MalangTODAY
Source: MalangTODAY

Although known as the main villain in the hit movie Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has become the inspiration for a bright blue shirt with batik motifs on the bodice, purple sleeves and gold-colored chest and collar area.

A local online shop called Artlantis Store has released a collection of baju koko inspired by Avengers superheroes including its supervillain, Thanos. Alfi Rindansyah, owner of the shop, says the items are very popular.

“The Thanos-inspired baju koko is our first product and available via pre-order. The turnover is not bad, I can get Rp 5 million (US$ 358) to 10 million,” he said.

Those interested can pre-order the baju koko for Rp 230,000 (US$16.48), and wait about two weeks to a month for delivery. Alfi has customers from around Indonesia as well as abroad such as in Sweden and Malaysia.

Prior to creating the Avengers-inspired baju koko, Alfi created attire inspired by superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman. 


Source : The Jakarta Post

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