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Finally, Southeast Asian Students Community in Turkey Established!

Finally, Southeast Asian Students Community in Turkey Established!

For long time since around 2005 students from Southeast Asian had been in Turkey to study, finally there is a Southeast Asian Students Community in Turkey. To be noted there are organization representing the country for instance, Indonesian Students Association in Turkey (PPI Turki) established in 2010, Thailand Students Association in Turkey (TSAT) established in 2012,  Malaysia Students Association in Turkey (MASAT) established in 2012 and Filipina Students Association (FSA) in Turkey established in 2016.

The declaration of this new organization which bring the spirit of ASEAN Community was held in Yurtdisi Turkler ve Akraba toplulugu (YTB) hall in YTB office. The declaration also signed by the representative of these 4 students organization in Turkey.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

The 4 students who signed the declaration as the representative namely Nur Izzah Binti Fakharuldin (Malaysia) Darliz Aziz (Indonesia), Kyle Christian Manejero (The Philippines) and Fadel Chehae (Thailand).

ASEAN Student Community in Turkey was initiated in 2017 by Gesta Fauzia Nurbiansyah, Farhan Kurnia Mayendri, Nur Izzah Binti Fakharuldin and Adli Hazmi. In this event, Farhan  who represent all the initiator of ASEAN Students Community in this summit state that, "ASEAN Student Community was nurture to be a platform for ASEAN students in Turkey. the aim of this community is to strengthen every country level student association in Turkey from Southeast Asia region in order to create a beneficial program in the future"

As a milestone of this community, they aim to make an international conference about ASEAN, so that the ASEAN scholars can pour their ideas about the future of ASEAN. 

Gesta, as one of the initiator hope that this community can be useful for ASEAN community.

"This community tries to unleash the potential of Southeast Asian youths in Turkey", he said.

In this program  there is a talk about democracy which delivered by Director of the Training and Technical Cooperation Department of Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), Mr. Serenli, Msc. He speaks about democracy culture and the challenge of democracy. In his speech he believes that in democracy, parliament, government and institutions work are essential. Moreover, democratic culture also shape attitude and behavior of individuals as well as institutions. Furthermore, the education of democracy shall be implemented since elementary level of education to shape a good democratic culture in a country.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

There are 3 others speakers in this program. The first speakers,  Adhe Nuansa Wibisono, an Indonesian students  who study  International Security in  Polis Akademi Ankara, Speaking about Indonesian democracy. In his speech he explains about indonesian democracy with Pancasila as the foundation of a country. Moreover, the election that will happen in Indonesia along with the dynamic situaton also mentioned in his speech. 

Second speakers, Anwar Komaa,  Thailand student who study Ph.D  of International Relations at Dokuz Eylul university talked about the dynamic of monarchy in Thailand including  what happens in 1974, the battle of democracy and monarchy.

The signatory of Southeast Asian Community in Turkey declaration
The signatories  of Southeast Asian Community in Turkey declaration

The  third speaker is Imaduddin Rabani bin Zulbahar a Malaysian student who currently study in International Ottoman Studies (master program) in Medeniyet University, Istanbul. In his session, he explains about the Malaysian history of democracy including the dynamic situation and conflict during Malaysian democracy period.

This program is attended by Indonesian Embassy in Ankara representative  Hafid Apriliyan Santosa, Minister Counselor Embassy of Malaysia in Ankara Amal M. Asarani andsupported by YTB, PPI Turki, PSAT, MASAT and FSA. Indonesian Students Association in Ankara (PPI Ankara) in this event act as the organizing committee.

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