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Travel and Tourism

Phuket, now known as "Ghost Island" in Thailand since COVID-19

Yunia Anindya4 weeks ago
Phuket, Thailand's second most popular destination after Bangkok hits different since the pandemic. Last year, more than 9 million tourists ...

The Real Treasures around Singapore's Chinatown

Siwi Tri mawarni4 weeks ago
Hanging out in Singapore's Chinatown could bring to mind two completely different impressions, depending on which era you come from ...

The 10 Most Chilled-Out Nations Around the Globe

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
Indonesia is the most chilled out country in the world followed by Australia, a new study has revealed. Researchers came up ...

Travel and Leisure's ‘Best Island in the World’ 2020

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
Anyone who has journeyed to Asia’s islands from the U.S. will attest that it’s worth expending the time and effort ...

Southeast Asia's Safest Airports 2020 for COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

Akhyari Hananto3 months ago
While travel associations have been urging governments to re-establish global connectivity and re-open borders, they understand that safety rules the ...

World's Safest Tourist Destination amid COVID-19

Akhyari Hananto4 months ago
Thailand was ranked the safest destination in the world to visit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The country topped the list because ...

Exploring Cambodia, Differently

Akhyari Hananto4 months ago
As someone born in 1989, I confess I had a fairly superficial understanding of Cambodia until this year, when I ...

Tripadvisor's Top 25 Best Destinations in Asia 2020

Akhyari Hananto4 months ago
Tripadvisor®, the world's largest travel platform, today announced the winners of the 2020 Travelers' Choice® Awards for Destinations. The annual destination ...

Survey Result: What 'Stranded' Foreign Travelers in Indonesia Experienced During Pandemic

Akhyari Hananto6 months ago
Some time ago, we did an interview via Instagram Live with two tourists from Spain who were 'forced' to stay longer ...