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Archive page of popular articles on Good News from Southeast Asia which updated every day.

The Time When Singapore Airlines Operated Concorde 5 days ago
In the Concorde story you always hear about British Airways and Air France who were the two main operators of ...

The 10 Most Chilled-Out Nations Around the Globe 5 days ago
Indonesia is the most chilled out country in the world followed by Australia, a new study has revealed. Researchers came up ...

Discover Cocos Malay, Australia's oldest Muslim community

Dini Yasyi5 days ago
The Cocos' Baju Kebaya & Baju Melayu are nearly identical to traditional Malay garb. The community's clothing a mix of numerous cultures, including Javanese, ...

There is "Bandung" in Malaysia. The top 10 Southeast Asian beverages are shown below!

Dini Yasyi4 days ago
Bandung is a simple drink prepared with milk and rose syrup that can be made using condensed milk, fresh milk, evaporated milk, or any ...

10 places with the world's bluest waters. Indonesia has the best one!

Dini Yasyi2 days ago
Visitors to the Kawah Ijen Volcano in Banyuwangi will be met by a brightly colored crater lake that looks like candy. ...