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Archive page of popular articles on Good News from Southeast Asia which updated every day.

Ranking of UN Peacekeeper Contributors by Southeast Asian Countries

The goal of UN Peacekeepers is to create conditions for lasting peace. ...

Photos: This cave in Vietnam is so big it can fit a complete city

Akhyari Hananto24 hours ago
The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It’s over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river, and ...

Indonesian Embassy Building in Washington DC and the Curse of Hope Diamond

Akhyari Hananto11 hours ago
The mansion that houses the Embassy of Indonesia has an amazing history. From gold prospectors to the Red Cross, the Hope Diamond to mysterious ...

10 Fun Facts About an Animal Once Thought to be a Fairy Tale Animal

Akhyari Hananto18 hours ago
This is no ordinary pigs. Babirusa. First featured on Gulielmi Pisonis's book cover titled Indie Utriusque re Natural et Medica (1646),  Babirusa was thought ...

Dark Tourism: 5 Destinations in Southeast Asia

Akhyari Hananto3 days ago
What is dark tourism? Dark tourism (also called black tourism or grief tourism) has been defined as tourism involving travel to ...

On Independence Day of Indonesia, Fun Games Everywhere!

A young girl led a team of five children on the traditional tug of war rope game. “Come on, pull ...