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GoJek Entering Singapore This Week. Will It Challenge the Hometown of Arch-Rival Grab?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
"It is going to be effectively more competition and that’s the only way to keep us all honest and innovative," Grab Founder, Anthony Tan ...

Grab Unveils New Service in Southeast Asia Starting 2019. Can You Guess?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
It will be able to transfer money instantly to another country, allowing users to bypass banks and transfer agents. ...

Electric Cars For Southeast Asian Ride Hailing Service Grab Beginning Next Year

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
A series of electric car pilot projects across Southeast Asia, beginning with Singapore in 2019. ...

Microsoft Invests in Southeast Asia's Grab

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
The two companies said will allow them to collaborate on technology projects, including big data and artificial intelligence. ...

Microsoft Investing in Grab, Empower The Ride Hailing With Its AI Technology

Bagus Ramadhanone year ago
Ride hailing in Southeast Asia still have its potential to grow. Since the investors are keep investing to the major ...

Grab Will Move Its Headquarter to Indonesia?

Bagus Ramadhan2 years ago
  Named as a new emerging economic region, Southeast Asia has enormous growth of investment related to new digital economy. Thousands ...

Towards Becoming Southeast Asia's Largest Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Fleet, Grab Pushes to Grow Number of EVs

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
Grab, on Aug 23 made a big push to grow the number of electric vehicles in its fleet after it partnered with energy supplier ...

Introducing the Southeast Asia Ride-Sharing Platform's New Business, GrabAds

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
The new business unit aims to provide brands with an omnichannel platform to reach commuters. ...

Grab to Create Online Healthcare Services for Southeast Asia?

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
The partnership is the latest in Grab’s mission to become an ‘everyday super app’, of which it recently received a further $2 billion in ...

Fresh $1 Billion Funding for Southeast Asia's Grab

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
New investment of $1 billion that will help Grab grow its payments business. ...