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This 'Special Straw' Has Debuted In Southeast Asia. It Has Big Potentials and Could Save The Earth Too!

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
This is so much pleasing than the reusable metal straws. Don't you agree? ...

Soon, This Blue Hole In Southeast Asia Will Join World's Famous List Scattered Across the Globe

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Soon, this blue hole spotted in the region will join the world's famous blue holes. ...

This Southeast Asian Talent Is A 'Human Calculator'!

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
At one point, the boy even managed to beat the calculator Foster was using to reveal the correct answer. ...

This Southeast Asian Country Becoming The Latest to Join International Criminal Court in Fighting Criminality Across Borders

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
The firm, next action by this Southeast Asian state is timely with the increasing threat imposed by growing crimes crossing borders. ...

This Southeast Asian State to Unveil Its First Flying Car Prototype This Year

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
This country is expected to unveil its first flying car prototype to the public this year. ...

Meet The Greatest Female Squash Player of All Time From Southeast Asia, and Thank You!

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
This Malaysian ends her illustrious career with 81 PSA titles from 102 finals. ...

This Southeast Asian State Ranks 1st In World's Best Healthcare Category

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
It is ranked first with its world-class healthcare services and sophisticated infrastructure. ...

Meet The Asia's Best Para Athlete from Southeast Asia

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
He is the first Malaysian para athlete to win the award for his exploits in the sprint and long jump events last year. ...

Meet The New Malaysia's 16th King, The People's Ruler

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
It was a historic event which upheld the unique monarchial rotational system. ...

The Unknown History of This Famous Staple Products Throughout Southeast Asia

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
One in every two homes in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei has this brand products in its kitchen at any given time. ...