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The First Autism-Friendly Mall In This Southeast Asian State

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Starting January 2019, the mall management will address features which we often take for granted but are huge hurdles for autistic people. ...

This Southeast Asian New National Car to Roll Out in 2022

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
The model name to be revealed by end of 2018 and prototype out early next year. ...

The 2018 World’s Most Influential Young People in Government

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Within the Top 20 list, there's one and only candidate from this region who tops the chart! ...

Teachers In This Southeast Asian Nation Amongst World's Most Dedicated

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Teachers in this Southeast Asian region have been labelled one of the most dedicated educators in the world by a recent Cambridge survey. ...

This World's Most Senior Elected Statesman from Southeast Asia Conferred Honorary Doctorate at His Alma Meter

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Nostalgic moments for this Southeast Asian leader, when he visited his alma meter in neighbourhood country. ...

Meet The Third Asian Leader to Receive Japan's Highest Award

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
He to be conferred the prestigious award after former Singaporean PM the late Lee Kuan Yew and former Indian PM Manmohan Singh. ...

Malaysia Set to Have the World's First Airport Reit

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
It would be able to raise funds publicly either by issuing new REIT units or via borrowings in order to fund the improvement and ...

Most Highlighted Countries In World Bank's Doing Business 2019 Rankings

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
These countries get highlighted due to their leaps and advanced reforms measured within the report. ...

World’s First Passport Equipped with Chip-Based Biometric Security Features

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
This nation in the region was the first country in the world to launch its electronic Passport. Be proud! ...

The Malaysian Florist Who Creates Floristry On Set In Hollywood Movies

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
This lady currently is the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) certified floral evaluator and judge, the only person in Southeast Asia who holds ...