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Meet The Hariphunchai Kingdom: The Story of 'Before Thailand Was Thailand'

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
While a large percentage of tourists visit Chiang Mai, or even Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, few visit Lamphun, the sleepy but historically important ...

Another Movie About the Rescued Thai Soccer Team Is In the Works?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
It’s been more than two months since the last of the boys on the Thai soccer team were rescued and it’s finally not gauche ...

Southeast Asian Cyber Security Center Opens in Thailand

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
The idea came from a meeting between ASEAN and Japan’s ministers in Cambodia last year. ...

'Sizzling' Southeast Asian Markets Are Likely to Keep on Booming. Here Are the Reasons Why

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia in particular show strong potential for long-term growth. ...

Do You Know These Formula 1 Drivers from Southeast Asia?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
Did you really know that they had once raced for the nation and world? ...

(Photos) New Airport Terminal With Stunning Wooden Detailing and Indoor Forest

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
The new building is reportedly expected to be operational in 2025. ...

The Untold Story of How this Japanese Sustainability Pioneer Gets Inspiration From

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
If I hadn’t visited that village (in the Southeast Asia region), Japan's Omori might not be what it is today. ...

20 Unbelievable International Borders That People Do Not Know Exist

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
These interesting fun facts as shown in the YouTube link below as something that people in the region might at least know they exist. ...

Did You Know That This World’s Leading Energy Drink Originally Comes From This Region?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
How this world’s top energy drink began in Thailand, but it took an Austrian to make it a global phenomenon. ...

This Park in Thailand Does Something Really Stunning, Especially When Floods Reach the City

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
This oasis of green in the hyper-developed city has an important job: it can contain one million gallons of water. ...