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KF-21 Boramae Indonesia-South Korea Prototypes Finally Undergoing Ground Tests

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
This is an update after the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) of South Korea announced in November 2021 that it has achieved an agreement ...

Bakso Goreng Ranks As the Best Meatballs In the World, Let's Check the History!

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
Bakso goreng received a 4.6 out of 10 rating on It's the most, and it's the tastiest meatball in the world based on ...

Again! Indonesia Crowned As the Most Generous Country In The World

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
According to CAF's research, more than eight out of ten Indonesians gave money this year, and the country's volunteerism rate is three times greater ...

World's top ten gold mines 2021

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
From 13 million ounces of gold produced in 2021, Uzbekistan and Indonesia contributed for 3,8% of global gold production. ...

Butet Manurung was chosen as Barbie Role Model 2022, the only one who representing Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
Barbie is teaming up with entrepreneurs and role models to inspire the next generation of leaders and dreamers for International Women's Day ...

The fastest in the world! In 60 days, the Jakarta Formula E track is complete

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
The Jakarta Formula E Executive Committee, stated that as a result of the adjustment, the development achievement objective, which was previously 54 days, has ...

Catching up with the maker of the most beautiful tempeh in the world

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Tempeh is a well-known Indonesian delicacy. It's more than simply food; it's a sense of belonging. ...

Bahasa Melayu unify people in Nusantara archipelago. How come Bahasa Indonesia has "Exclusivity"?

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by around 198.5 million people, according to the most recent data from Ethnologue. 19.1 million people speak Bahasa Melayu. ...

Is Indonesia still the country with the greatest linguistic diversity? Here's the truth!

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
The local language, Javanese, is more interesting, as it can have a variety of dialects. The Javanese language, for example, has numerous dialects. ...

Amazon Web Services is planning a $5 billion investment in Indonesia's cloud sector

Dini Yasyi5 months ago
Indonesia was the second-highest earner in Southeast Asia's cloud market last year with $600 million in total cloud-based income, after Singapore's $1.8 billion. ...