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What to eat this weekend? Try these Indonesian rice dishes for sure

Arifina Budi7 years ago
And Indonesians are very creative to mix the rice with some savory dishes. These traditional Indonesian rice dishes should be written on your weekend’s ...

The Largest Animal in the World to be Displayed in Semarang

Arifina Budi7 years ago
A world-class blue whale museum is slated to open on Jl. Gajahmada in Semarang, Central Java. ...

5 Indonesian Horror Movies That Winning International Awards

Agustina Suminar7 years ago
Horror became one of the most demand ticket sales in cinemas, but only few get success at the international level. But, there are some ...

Zubir Said, The Author of Singapore's National Anthem

Agustina Suminar7 years ago
The song writer of "Majulah Singapura" is Indonesian, his named Zubir Said. He was a Singaporean composer originally from the Minangkabau highlands of Indonesia ...

Pesantren as Moral Crisis Responses of Indonesian Education System

Agustina Suminar7 years ago
Indonesia should reflect back to the old system. We usually not sensitive that Indonesia actually has pesantren education system who produces excellent ...

Bet You’ll Never Find Any of This Ice Cream Flavors in Another Country

Widya LestariN7 years ago
Indonesian Ice cream makers have made a new breakthrough in creating new ice cream flavors. And you can find it only in Indonesia. ...

Unique Food Ingredients only from Indonesia

Arifina Budi7 years ago
The country is rich in biodiversity yet apart from cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), its native produce and unique ingredients ...

18 Southeast Asian Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

Arifina Budi7 years ago
Inspiration, let alone Instagram have many different faces, lives, achievements - big or small. And here are the 18 Southeast Asian Instagram inspirators for ...

Indonesia is very Positive to become Asia's Silicon Valley

Arifina Budi7 years ago
Anis Uzzaman, CEO of Fenox Venture Capital, which invests multimillion dollar funds in start-ups across the US, Asia, the Middle East and Europe has ...

Try These Challenging Diving Sites and You'll Discover the Unknown. Only in Indonesia

Arifina Budi7 years ago
Definitly, Indonesia is home for the brave, those who has fearless. ...