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Waiting for 45 Years! Malaysian Actress Michelle Yeoh Wins Best Actress Award at Golden Globes

Dini Yasyi5 months ago
Yeoh is considered a strong favorite to be nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. On January 24, the Oscar nominees will be ...

Beating China, Korea Aerospace Industries Win a Tender to Provide the Royal Malaysian Air Force

Dini Yasyi6 months ago
Korea Aerospace Industries ultimately secured the contract to provide the Royal Malaysian Air Force with 18 FA-50 light combat aircraft. ...

10 Facts About Malaysia's Michelle Yeoh The "Icon of The Year 2022" by Time Magazine

Dini Yasyi6 months ago
Yeoh has been a prominent figure in Asia for many years; during the heyday of Hong Kong action cinema, she starred as the lead ...

Malaysia Outranked Singapore as the "Welcoming" Country in the World in 2022

Dini Yasyi6 months ago
Malaysia receives very good marks for being a "welcoming" nation, at least in terms of the nationalities that are given access with ease. ...

There are long term solutions to the flood problem in Malaysia.

Akhyari Hananto6 months ago
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said long-term measures to resolve the flood problem should be implemented immediately. He spoke after the meeting.Even ...

Anwar Ibrahim Finally Becomes Malaysia's Prime Minister After "Waiting" for 24 Years

Dini Yasyi7 months ago
Anwar Ibrahim, the country's new prime minister, has vowed to fight corruption, make "Malaysia for all Malaysians," ...

An Unprecedented Hung Parliament, Malaysia King Will Choose Prime Minister in Post-Election Crisis

Dini Yasyi7 months ago
As the political crisis caused by an unsatisfactory election dragged on for a third day, Malaysia's King Al-Sultan Abdullah will choose the country's next ...

Posts Fastest Economic Growth in Over a Year, Malaysia Outlook is Clouded

Dini Yasyi7 months ago
Malaysia's economy grew at its strongest rate in more than a year, outpacing that of many of its Southeast Asian counterparts ...

Finally! Stalking Set to Be a Crime in Malaysia

Dini Yasyi8 months ago
The Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) (No. 2) 2022 and the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2022 must both be filed fororder for the bill, which ...

Proton Malaysia is Committed to Distributing New Energy Vehicles

Dini Yasyi9 months ago
For EV and NEV sales and distribution, Proton New Energy Technology (PRO-NET) has been established. A new division called Proton New Energy Technology (PRO-NET) ...