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The Largest Airlines in the World, By Passenger Count

The Largest Airlines in the World, By Passenger Count

Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair and Dallas, Texas-based Southwest Airlines carried the most international and domestic passengers respectively in 2015, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA's 60th annual World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) guide -- on the largest airlines in the world -- covers areas including:

  • Demand for air transport: traffic operations, performance of major route areas, passenger and freight forecasts, world airport rankings;
  • Supply of air transport: capacity in terms of number of seats, number of scheduled flights by aircraft type;
  • Performance of the airline industry: safety statistics, financial results, fuel performance; and
  • A compilation of statistics on the top 100 airlines and alliances.

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Among the world’s largest domestic markets, India had the fastest domestic passenger growth in 2015. With annual growth of 18.8 percent (in a market of 80 million domestic passengers), India’s performance surpassed that of Russia (11.9 percent growth, in a market of 47 million domestic passengers), China (9.7 percent growth, in a market of 394 million domestic passengers) and the United States (5.4 percent growth, in a market of 708 million domestic passengers).

SpiceJet, Indian LCC |
SpiceJet, Indian LCC |

“Last year airlines safely carried 3.6 billion passengers—the equivalent of 48% of the Earth’s population—and transported 52.2 million tonnes of cargo worth around $6 trillion.

 In doing so, we supported some $2.7 trillion in economic activity and 63 million jobs,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO in a statement.
Jakarta Airport T3 | Indtravel
Jakarta Airport T3 | Indtravel

System-wide, airlines carried 3.6 billion passengers on scheduled services in 2015, an increase of 7.2 percent over 2014, representing an additional 240 million air trips.

Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region once again carried the largest number of passengers.

American Airlines | Skift
American Airlines | Skift

The top five airlines ranked by total scheduled passengers carried (domestic and international) were:

1. American Airlines (146.5 million) 

2. Southwest Airlines (144.6 million) 

3. Delta Air Lines (138.8 million)

4. China Southern Airlines (109.3 million)

5. Ryanair (101.4 million) 

China Airlines, Taiwan |
China Airlines, Taiwan |

The top five international/regional passenger airport-pairs were all within the Asia-Pacific region:

1. Hong Kong-Taipei (5.1 million, up 2.1% from 2014)

2. Jakarta-Singapore (3.4 million, down 2.6%)

3. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi-Hong Kong (3 million, increase of 29.2%)

4. Kuala Lumpur–Singapore (2.7 million, up 13%)

5. Hong Kong-Singapore (2.7 million, down 3.2%)

Jeju Int'l Airport | VisitKorea
Jeju Int'l Airport | VisitKorea

The top five domestic passenger airport-pairs were also all in the Asia-Pacific region:

1. Jeju-Seoul Gimpo (11.1 million, up 7.1% over 2014)

2. Sapporo-Tokyo Haneda (7.8 million, up 1.3%)

3. Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda (7.6 million, a decrease of 7.4% from 2014)

4. Melbourne Tullamarine-Sydney (7.2 million, down 2.2%)

5. Beijing Capital-Shanghai Hongqiao (6.1 million,  up 6.1% from 2014)

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