Credit by Natural beauty of Halong Bay in Vietnam. © National Geographic Kids
Two Southeast Asian on the List of Rough Guides "The Most Beautiful Country in the World"

Two Southeast Asian on the List of Rough Guides "The Most Beautiful Country in the World"

Who doesn't know the Rough Guides? Periodically, this travel publisher make ratings for favorite tourist sites. On February 2014, it announced "20 Most Beautiful Country in the World", by asked their readers to vote.

Now they are just updating the list on September 4, 2017. Surprisingly, one of Southeast Asia country is voted on the best 10, while the other one is on 20. Here they are!

Number 20: Vietnam

Readers choosing this country, as the natural beauty. From the rocky cliff of Halong Bay, to the paddy field overlay in Sa Pa give the best scenery of Vietnam's beauty.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Terraced fields in Vietnam. © Finnair

Number 6: Indonesia

This country impressing the Rough Guides readers by it's natural landscapes and varied cultures. The wealth of archipelago sites, mountains and heritage makes the beauty of Indonesia.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Prambanan Temple, one of UNESCO heritage stage in Indonesia. © The Golden Scope

From the top 10 list, there's only one country from each continent of Asia, America, Africa and Oceania, while the rest are in Europe. Scotland is voted as Number 1, with the beauty of beaches, lochs and castle. See the complete list of 2017 Rough Guides The Most Beautiful Country in the World here.

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