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Chicken rice made with cannabis-fed chickens is now available in Thailand.
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Chicken rice made with cannabis-fed chickens is now available in Thailand.

 Thailand is now officially the first Southeast Asian country to decriminalise cannabis, in one of the most significant moves to be declared in the region. This follows the nation's statement on June 9, 2022, which essentially removes the plant from the Food and Drug Administration's narcotic substances list.

Having said that, the Thai government has stated that the legalization of cannabis is strictly for medical and industrial purposes, according to CBS.

In Thailand, a farming community feeds cannabis to chickens.

In terms of the latter, a farming community in the northern Thai city of Lampang has taken it upon themselves to replace antibiotics in their hens with cannabis feed. Thai news source According to The Nation, the relocation was part of a collaborative exercise between the Peth Lanna village and Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Agriculture.
According to community enterprise president Sirin Chaemthet, the decision was made after farmers discovered that injectable antibiotics did not protect their chickens from avian bronchitis. As a result, they decided to feed their chicks solely cannabis and discontinue all antibiotics.

The results appear to be promising, with Sirin saying that feeding their birds exclusively cannabis has resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of both chicken flesh and eggs. Furthermore, they noticed that the hens appear to have gained enhanced immunity and resilience to disease, as well as the ability to tolerate adverse climatic conditions.

Chicken rice made from the meat of these hens was well accepted.

Meat and eggs from the community's cannabis-fed chickens are already available for purchase on their website for 100 Thai baht per kilo and 6 Thai baht each piece.

Some of the meat has already been utilized to make chicken rice, which has been well welcomed by customers, according to Sirin. In addition to its present poultry items, the community now intends to provide roasted chicken.

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