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Number of Combat Tanks in Southeast Asian Countries 2023, Vietnam Still Has The Most

Number of Combat Tanks in Southeast Asian Countries 2023, Vietnam Still Has The Most

When the tank, an armored all-terrain fighting vehicle, was debuted during the First World War, it completely changed the way we fight. Since then, tanks have persisted as a mainstay of armies in the modern period, despite some commentators predicting the end of the tank era.

This infographic illustrates the ranking of battle tank fleet sizes for 2023 as published by Global Firepower.

Main combat tanks like the M1A2 Abrams or the Leopard 2 are included in the ranking along with more lightly armed medium and light tanks like Stingray. Armoured personnel carriers and infantry combat vehicles are not included in the statistics. This list's data is up to date through 2023. In the absence of official data, estimates are formed.

Vietnam has a relatively high proportion of combat tanks in the area due to its history of conflict and ongoing military modernization efforts. The Vietnam War, the Cambodian-Vietnamese War, and the Sino-Vietnamese War are just a few of the recent wars in which Vietnam has been engaged.

Tanks were essential to ground combat operations during these wars, and the Vietnamese military came to appreciate the value of armored vehicles in accomplishing their goals. Because of this, the nation has made significant investments in tanks as part of its military expansion.

Additionally, in recent years, Vietnam's military modernization initiatives have concentrated on enhancing its defense capabilities, including its mechanized and armored forces. Tank and other armored vehicle purchases have risen as a result.

Vietnam's military has focused on maintaining a strong defense stance, including its armored capabilities, in part due to its geographic location, which is bordered by larger neighbors like China.

Overall, Vietnam's investment in combat tanks shows that nation's unwavering dedication to military modernization and upholding a potent regional defense stance.


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