The Largest Animal in the World to be Displayed in Semarang

The Largest Animal in the World to be Displayed in Semarang

It would be very great knowing the giant creature of the world would be displayed in museum slated in Indonesia. A world-class blue whale museum is slated to open on Jl. Gajahmada in Semarang, Central Java. But don’t be scared or worry because it’s just a 33-meter-long whale skeleton to be highlight of the place.

Publicly listed herbal medicine producer PT Sido Muncul director Sofyan Hidayat, who is also a collector, told the museum would become one of Semarang's primary tourist attractions.

Blue whale skeleton ilustration
Blue whale skeleton ilustration

"The entire world will come to Semarang; this museum is the first in the world to display a 33-meter-long whale," said Sofyan in Semarang on Tuesday (13/9).

The skeleton of the rare species was reportedly found on Timor Island in West Nusa Tenggara. "Blue whales used to live in the North Pole under ice in water 2,000 meters deep," he said. "This is real skeleton; I found the whale stranded and dead on Timor [Island]."

Sofyan said that the giant skeleton is currently undergoing a cleaning that can take up to three months.

The museum will also feature original heritage collections from the Majapahit and Singapore kingdoms, with jewelry worn by the kings to precious artifacts and 2,000 keris (traditional dagger) that have the same length as a sword. "The keris collection from Majapahit are long and made from meteor stone; different from those of the Mataram era that are usually short," said Sofyan.

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