Indonesia and Finland : Research Antiobiotic Resistance

Indonesia and Finland : Research Antiobiotic Resistance


Indonesia and Finland finally will conducting a research on resistance to antibiotic drugs which has been a threat in some various places in the world. As Deputy Chairperson for Agro-industrial Technology and Biotechnology of the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Eniya Listiano Dewi said, “Since antibiotic resistance is characterized by germs that are resistant to drugs. Thus, antibiotic drugs does not give any effects on people”.


Therefore, BPPT and University of Helsinki (UH) Finland was cooperating in order to make a study of antibiotic resistance. The antibiotics currently were not being used just for the treatment of humans, but also in animal husbandry and fishery. The excessive use of antibiotics will lead to antibiotic-resistant pattern. These bacteria have learned to outsmart the drugs and reproduced the generation that is stronger and more resistant.


Unfortunately, the antibiotic substances have polluted the environment, especially rivers. The rivers were often being used for disposal of substances containing antibiotics. Health facilities, livestock, and fisheries can help removing antibiotics in the river. The research will be conducted in two rivers that have been contaminated with antibiotic substances, and it will be examined intensely, such as Cisadane and Kalicode.

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