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Indonesian’s ‘Om Telolet Om’ Went Viral and Became World Wide Trend
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Indonesian’s ‘Om Telolet Om’ Went Viral and Became World Wide Trend

These past few days, dance music world completely confounded by trending Indonesian meme titled ‘Om Telolet Om.’ Without warning and explanation, many famous DJs suddenly tweeted about this phenomenon. A mysterious phrase exploded and became world question: “What does om telolet om mean?”

World class DJ' tweets about 'OmTelolet Om' (
World class DJ' tweets about 'OmTelolet Om' (

And here’s the explanation.... 

It was all started by children in Central Java, Indonesia who are fascinated by the sound of public busses’ horn. The “telolet” term represent a sound of the public buses’ horn.  They had fun while listened to it. Meanwhile, the term “om” is using to call uncle/sir. The kids would say “om telolet om,” asking the bus driver to honk the bus and the sound would be like “telolet, telolet.” If we put  simply in English, the question would be “sir, honk the bus sir.”

Kid waiting for the bus to record the honk (
Kid waiting for the bus to record the honk (

It’s not just end like that. Kids would record the sound and publicly posted it on Youtube and Facebook. According to, this phenomenon happened since November 2015. They also have Instagram account and build a community in some areas in Central Java like Ungaran, Semarang, Kudus, Wonosobo, even in Jogjakarta, Bekasi and Jakarta.


Well, we don’t know why all the DJs were tweeting it. Maybe it’s because of the Indonesians are spamming their social media’s account with the phrase in their comment section, directly tweeting it at them and just otherwise posting it everywhere they turn. And yeah, they succeeded it. Om Telolet Om become worldwide phenomenon.

 'Om Telolet Om' in New York, USA 

Firebeatz made the remix version of this trend. Might be a good choice for new year's party.

Om, telolet om! 


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