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The Prototype of Bandung’s Future Transit Unveiled

The Prototype of Bandung’s Future Transit Unveiled

Bandung Light Rail Transit (LRT) train introduced to public for input Project uses monthly local technology. The prototype of a vehicle called the Metro Kapsul has been put on public display, next to the city main square. The construction plans to start on sometime this year, comprises five companies : PT Teknik Rekayasa Kereta Kapsul for the engineering desing, PT Kereta Kapsul  Manufaktur for assembling production, PT Metro Putra Perkasa for motor system production, PT Indoserako Sejahtera for the control system and PT Pembangunan Perumahan Infrastruktur for the civil and structural work.

Unlike LRT technology in general, the Metro Kapsul train would be highly efficient, as it would make use of the motor on the wheel. Powered by electricity which goes directly to the motor and moves the wheels. Different than other LRT system, which the electricity would go to the motor and then to the gears, then it last to the car.


The specification of the LRT will use the locally made technology, as it is seen on the prototype.  Measure 9.3 m in length and 2.5 m in width. Dominated by blue and gray, combined with the logo of Bandung City on the right side of the Metro. It provide the large passenger’s seat inside, also equipped with handler for standing passenger, and completed with the LCD screen. As like the usual TMB bus model.

 It weighs 7.5 tons, half the weight of a typical LRT, and the pillars for its elevated tracks are also smaller. The maximum power consumption is 70 to 80 kilowatts, when in motion it is only 30 – 4- kilowatts.

The project would cost around IDR 200 billion (UD $ 15 million) per kilometer. The company had obtained the patent for the operating system, which facilitated saving on the trains supporting structure. Furthermore, the LRT train would be lighter than typical LRT train, as the supporting structure and pillars also required fewer funds.

Bandung City Mayor, Ridwan Kamil (c), inside the LRT prototype (
Bandung City Mayor, Ridwan Kamil (c), inside the LRT prototype (

Leonardo Feneri, the general manager of PT Pembangunan Perumahan   said that the prototype was put on public display aimed to invite input from the public. Along with that, Bandung City Mayor, Ridwan Kamil posted a photo on his personal Instagram account to socialize and catch public’s attention.  “People needs a socialization for a new thing. Well this is a part of my kind of socialization. This is the new goods for the citizen, which they should be able to see the original looks of it (the capsule, red). After seeing the prototype, they may give any comments or feedback so it can be built soon and better,” said Emil on

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