Travelling to Komodo Island? Here Are Tips You Need to Know

Travelling to Komodo Island? Here Are Tips You Need to Know

Earlier of this month, a Singaporean tourist was bitten by a Komodo dragon on his left leg while visiting the Komodo National Park in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. This was the first accident in the past five years, a human being as severely bitten by the dragon. The Komodo dragons may look harmless and calm at a glance. However, if you make a sudden movement, like running, you may attract their attention and they may run after you.

So, here we collect few tips during your trip to the Komodo Island. Knowing this tips given might help to to prevent anything that probably happened during your trip as quoted by Jakarta Post &, here are the tips.


Take an official guide with you. Always.

The Komodo dragons have bad vision, but they still can hear you and easy to detect you due to their powerful sense of smell.   It is highly recommended for you to hire an official guide, the professional and registered guide or ranger. Instead of wandering around by yourself or staying with the locals, this could be better to use official guide since the official guide as they have experience and knowledge regarding the animal guide. An official guise will always bring a long, double – branched stick to dispel the dragons and protect the tourists.


Do not travel alone  

Being in a group is better than exploring the island by yourself.  Do note that Komodo dragons have an ability to camouflage themselves with the surroundings. They may appear similar to a dead tree trunk or something else that can easily shocked you with their movement. It is advised for you to be careful when you are exploring the park, and do follow the official trekking path.


Do not make any sudden movements

The Komodo dragons may look harmless and calm at a glance, but they can easily make any sudden movement if you started to do so, like running. You may attract their attention and they may run after you. With up to 18 kilometers per hour, Komodo dragons can also move quite fast in running. Thus, if you are getting chased by the animals, you may run in a zig – zag path as the dragons cannot do that.

Komodos eating their prey (
Komodos eating their prey (


 Climb to a higher place

Komodo dragons have difficulties in climbing stairs. You may want to climb to a higher place like traditional wooden stilt house that is available within the area.  However, you still need to be careful as young Komodo dragons, aged between one to two years like to stay in trees as much as they love sunbathing. The cold-blooded dragons also like to cool down in shady areas and this may include under the stilt houses.


Avoid using a perfume

Komodo dragons have the ability to notice even the faintest smell. That is why official guides usually suggest that tourist do not use any perfume. Due to their strong sense of smell, Komodo dragons also sensitive to the smell of blood. That is why if you are on your early days of your period or wounded, it is highly advised to tell your official guide because the dragons may think that it is their prey.


Source : The Jakarta Post || 

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