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Undiscovered Southeast Asia : Hidden Treasures of Remote Towns and Secret Beaches

Undiscovered Southeast Asia : Hidden Treasures of Remote Towns and Secret Beaches

Southeast Asia has tens of thousands islands. Several are extremely popular, but many are hardly known.  Considering that fact, it’s time to take a look at the unspoiled island, islands that you have never heard of  that will offer you the most perfect opportunity to connect with nature relax and refresh yourself in the relative isolation. From Vietnam’s little – known islands to Laos’ interior and eve tourist – free island in Thaland, here are the hidden treasure of Southeast Asia as it reported by The Guardian.

 1. Thailand

 Nan Province

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Considered by many to be the most remote city in Northern Thailand, Nan lies in a river valley along the Thai-Laos border. Arguably, there are many things can be enjoyed here. From the natural beauty of Doi Khu Pha National Park to the Nan’s Temple Wat Phumin for its beautifully drawn murals. You can dig deeper the history by visiting the Nan National Museum or visiting the villages where the uncommon ethnic groups such as Mien, Lu, Hmong and Htin tribes live.

Loei ProvinceKeterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Loei province is technically a part of the Thailand’s north-eastern Isaan region, tucked alongside the Mekong River border with Laos. Known among Thais as the “Sea of Mountains” and the kingdom’s coldest province, Loei is a mountainous mix of rice paddies, flowery meadows and dramatic scenery that remains a relatively underexplored.  The cultural highlights is the Phi Ta Kon( Ghost) festival, held around June or July.

2. Cambodia

Kratié town and its surrounds

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Kratié is a little market town 216 miles north-east of Phnom Penh. With the spattering of tourist – friendly cafes and hotels around the central market and the Mekong River, Kratié is a right place to absorb the spectacle sunset, As the sun dips behind the tree line it turns the sky a dazzling vermilion, tinting purple the French colonial villas, traditional wooden stilt houses and Wat Roka Kandal – a beautiful temple that dates back to the 19th century. The local community office advertises rural homestays organized by NGOs, bicycle hire and ox cart tours, which is good to help you discover the beauty of the town, especially the Irrawaddy Dolphins, one of the aquatic marvel of Kratié.

Kirirom National Park

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Two hours’ drive from the southwest of Phnom Penh, Kirirom National Park stands on a flattened mountain top. The scenery is almost alpine, skinny pines saluting the sun, the air aromatic and fresh, skinny pines saluting the sun, the air aromatic and fresh. Today, Kirirom is popular among locals but often overlooked by foreign visitors. Away from the hot chaos of the capital, there are peaceful treks, mountain biking and dips in waterfalls. Guests can eat while surveying the green expanse of cardamom forests below.

3. Malaysia


Taiping Town

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Penang and Ipoh are now hot tourist destinations in Malaysia, but the towns strewn between the road could not be unseen. Taiping is one of the town you should recognize. British colonialists set up base here, leaving behind churches, gardens and neoclassical buildings. These days, Taiping defies its eventful past, settled in the sleepy yet steadfast rhythms of a market town. Food is cheap and delicious, also the nature is amazing. The Gardens attract joggers and cyclists to sprawling green grounds, lined with ancient rain trees. If you’re staying more than a day, hike up Bukit Larut, also known as Maxwell Hill.

North Borneo’s Secret Beaches

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Simpangan Mengayau, Borneo’s northernmost rocky headland close to drowsy Kudat, is a popular day trip from Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu. People come to this celebrated “Tip of Borneo” to see the South China Sea crash over the end of the world’s third largest island and take home a few heroic selfies. Simpangan Mengayau’s coast has plenty to keep visitors busy: besides jungle hiking, Kosohui Beach thrives with young local surfers, and Bavang Jamal Beach has fewer currents and a snorkel-perfect reef.

4. Indonesia

 North Maluku

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Craving for something adrenaline exercise? Come to North Maluku, since there aren’t many places in the world where you can snorkel with walking shark one day and head into the jungle to explore the hunter-gathering. In North Maluku, these things are possible.  It stands out for sheer potential: the 2016 total eclipse of the sun brought these wild and wonderful East Indonesian islands to the world’s attention briefly but they remain firmly off the beaten track. From Ternate to Halmahera, you will dive the spirit of ancestors are believed to leave giant footprints in the forest.

Sidemen, Bali

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Rice terraces, volcano views and jungle-tangled gorges make sleepy Sidemen feel like the Bali that time forgot. Wander through the rice paddies to a temple or two, get lost on the web of shady paths that weave their way through the woodlands, or simply soak in the staggering views of Bali’s sacred mountain, Gunung Agung. Acommodation is quite good, with most of it clusters outside the village of Tabola.

5. Laos

 Xe Bang Fai river cave

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One of the world’s largest river caves, in central Laos, can be explored by kayak. Buried deep amid the limestone pinnacles of Khammouane province in central Laos, the Xe Bang Fai river is navigable for four miles through a limestone tunnel which at its widest point is 200 metres and at its highest is 120 metres. This remote region is so off-the-beaten-track only a few hundred foreigners have ever entered the cave.

Nakai Nam Theun national protected area

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Deep amid the karstic peaks of central Laos lies a truly lost world of limestone majesty, rivers, pristine forest and rare wildlife. This area is just opening up. It’s home to extraordinary wildlife such as colourful red-shanked douc langur monkeys, singing southern white-cheeked gibbons, Asian elephant, Asian small-clawed otter, and saola (aka the Asian unicorn), as well as five species of hornbill. Visitors will hear singing gibbons and birds in this Annamite wilderness in the morning before hiking to a waterfall. 

6. Vietnam

 Con Dao archipelago

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This enigmatic island archipelago, 160 miles south of Ho Chi Minh City. The cluster of 16 islands boasts natural beauty, wonderful wildlife including nesting sea turtles in Vietnam, sweeping arcs of sand, and a curious history. The islands are now home to the largest number of nesting sea turtles in Vietnam. Most of the area is now a national park with stunning wild beaches, endemic orchids, great coastal paths, snorkelling and diving. 

Gult of Thailand islands

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Another island, off the east coast in the Gulf of Thailand is Phú Quoc, on which tourism is growing. Dangling off the island is the An Thoi archipelago which has new places to stay in among its 15 scattered islands. Stellar beaches white sands shaded by palm trees – include Fingernail Beach on Hon Mong Tay, Hon Vong Beach on the island of the same name, and Hon May Rut. There are a couple of accommodation and homestay options on Nam Du, and isolated Hon Son.

Source : The Guardian


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