9th-Grader Vietnamese Students Create Automatic Garbage Bin Without Electrical Power

9th-Grader Vietnamese Students Create Automatic Garbage Bin Without Electrical Power

Hoang Bao Nhat Long and Nguyen Dang Khoa, two students from Hue City, Vietnam have invented an automatic garbage bin which doesn’t need batteries or electricity. 

“We want to create equipment which can move freely and collect garbage automatically to help ease cleaners' work,” the students said. 

After three months of working hard, Long and Khoa invented a dust bin which has been put into operation at their school, collecting garbage along walls and canals. Around 85 percent of tree leaves and 65 percent of sand and gravel has been collected.



The dust bin can move thanks to four wheels, including two small front wheels and two large rear wheels. Frames and boxes are linked together by screws and bolts.

An axle system transmits motion from two rear wheels to the two brushes on the side. The brushes collect tree leaves and garbage from outside into the main broom system to be carried to the trash. 

The actuator helps increase motion transmission speed by 20 times to make the garbage collection system work more effectively.

“As some devices are not available in the market, we used items from motorbikes such as pinions and chains,” Khoa said.


The main brush is made of plastic fiber and is mounted on a cylindrical axis to form a rotary system. The round auxiliary brush made of plastic fiber of several layers helps collect garbage from both sides into the main brush.

There is a ball bearing in the main axis of the auxiliary brush which helps the brush rotate easily and effectively. This can be raised or lowered.

The smart dust bin operates with mechanical movement. Instead of picking up garbage with hands, cleaners just need to move the smart dust bin to places where there is garbage. 

The collected trash is designed to be removable so it is easy to take out when full.Image:

The left wheel will transmit motion to the pinion in the main axis. The two spindle actuators transmit motion to two brushes on either side, while the spindle and two brushes on both sides move together and the garbage is collected.

The collected trash is designed to be removable so it is easy to take out when full. The user just needs to open the top cover to get the trash and continue to work.

Source : Vietnet Bridge

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