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This Country Home to Largest Instagram Users in Asia Pacific
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This Country Home to Largest Instagram Users in Asia Pacific

Indonesians are the most obsessed with the ‘gram on this side of the world, according to new data released by Facebook Indonesia (Facebook owns Instagram, among many other things). 

Indonesia has topped Asia Pacific's list of Instagram's biggest markets with 45 million active users per month, according to the social media platform's internal data revealed on Thursday.

The number of users more than doubled from the 22 million in early 2016. By the end of 2017's first quarter, Indonesia accounted for over 6 percent of Instagram's 700 million monthly active users.

In addition, Indonesians are also the most active in the world at posting Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to post photo or video status updates that vanish within 24 hours. In fact, Indonesians post Instagram Stories twice as much as the global average. 

In the 10 months since the social media platform introduced its Story tool, the 24-hour visual-sharing segment in June already had 250 million active users on a daily basis worldwide.

Susan Rose, Instagram headquarters’ product-marketing director, revealed that the United States-based company attracted as much as 80 percent of its community from outside that country, much of which is in the Asia Pacific region.

"Indonesia is an important and thriving part of the Instagram community and the strength we're seeing in Indonesia is translating into the overall strength we have on the Instagram platform globally," Rose said during a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

Further internal data revealed that the platform attracts an average of 400 million users daily.

Instagram has also become a hub for the business community to set up shop, with as many 8 million business accounts registered worldwide, 1 million of which also actively advertise on the social media platform.

"So they're leveraging the products they have to grow and build their communities," Rose said.

Visual expression through the different tool kits on Instagram, Rose said, was made even more attractive as it was also a means to connect with a community worldwide. 

There are 700 million active Instagram users in the world.

Dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting was named the Indonesian with the most followers on Instagram, with 21 million. As large as that may be, she did not crack the top 10 in the world, which, excluding Instagram’s own account (225 million followers), is topped by singer Selena Gomez with 123 million followers.

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