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This Southeast Asia City among the World's Best Cities for Driving
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This Southeast Asia City among the World's Best Cities for Driving

A comprehensive study by German automotive parts retailer Kfzteile24 looked at 500 cities with the highest number of registered vehicles and used various data to create a list of 100 ranging from the best to the worst.

Dusseldorf in Germany took out the top position, while Kolkata in India was the worst at No.100.

“To make a comparable quantification of how good or bad each city is to drive, we made a three-step evaluation of the data,” Kfzteile24 said as quoted by The West Australian.

A mathematical equation was used to calculate the score, with the study examining the congestion level, public transport options, costs of parking and petrol, road rage, fatalities and injuries, air pollution, road quality and the average speed between the city centre and the international airport.

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Dusseldorf tops the list of driver-friendly metro areas, among other factors, because its highways are congested a mere 20% of the time, which is the highest level among all 100 rated global cities. 

Meanwhile, Kolkata's roads which came last in the list are 69% traffic-jammed. 

Singapore ranked sixth out of 100 cities, behind Dusseldorf, Dubai, Zurich, Tokyo and Basel. Dortmund, Vienna, Munich and Calgary rounded out the 10 best cities.

Kfzteile24 said the aim of the study was to enrich debate about modern mobility and encourage cities to learn from positive urban engagement and legislation.

Singapore roads. Image: The Straits Times
Singapore roads. Image: The Straits Times

“We hope that this study will act as a catalyst for those cities in the negative end of the ranking to invest in safer, cleaner and more efficient roads, and consider how methods adopted by higher scoring cities can be utilized in their own locations,” says Thomas Kloubert, CMO of kfzteile24 to Forbes.

Here are the 10 best cities in which to drive, based on kfzteile24’s data analysis, noting the congestion level and average speed from the airport to downtown for each:

  1. Dusseldorf, Germany: 20% congestion, 21.20 mph average speed
  2. Dubai, UAE: 26% congestion, 31.70 mph average speed
  3. Zurich, Switzerland: 31% congestion, 25.50 mph average speed
  4. Tokyo, Japan: 26% congestion, 30.50 mph average speed
  5. Basel, Switzerland: 27% congestion, 17.50 mph average speed
  6. Singapore, Singapore: 38% congestion, 32.40 mph average speed
  7. Dortmund, Germany: 23% congestion, 19.90 mph average speed
  8. Vienna, Austria: 31% congestion, 28.00 mph average speed
  9. Munich, Germany: 30% congestion, 27.40 mph average speed
  10. Calgary, Canada: 20% congestion, 26.80 mph average speed


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