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A Tour to This House Now Available. No, Not For Me
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A Tour to This House Now Available. No, Not For Me

Following the success of Joko Anwar’s horror film Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slave), a tour of the actual old house where the film was shot has been launched for fans of the movie who seek to challenge themselves.

Organized by travel agent Sociotraveler Indonesia, Tur Misteri (Mystery Tour) invited brave souls to explore the creepy house located in Pengalengan, Bandung in West Java tiday, on Oct. 14 from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. The price of the tour starts at Rp 470,000 (US$35) including transportation from Bandung to Pengalengan, a permit to enter the site, as it is located within a tea plantation, food and documentation.

Organizer Septyan Bayu Anggara said the idea came to him after he watched the film. “The house itself is already scary. [It made me] curious to find its location,” Bayu recently told

Ibu Datang Lagi Bagi kamu yang sedang demam film Pengabdi Setan, ada tantangan buatmu. Sociotraveler dan Ghost Photography Community bakal ngajakin kamu buat menjenguk rumah 'Ibu' yang jadi lokasi syuting Pengabdi Setan di Pangalengan, Bandung. Rasakan sensasi horor di rumah tua berusia puluhan tahun yang tak berpenghuni dan bernuansa serem itu. . . Kita bakal ngomongin filmnya langsung di rumah tua itu sekaligus bakal 'hunting' foto tengah malam di sana. Tertarik? Yuk gabung dalam Tur Pengabdi Setan yang pastinya bakal jadi trip paling seru di tahun ini. . . Catat tanggalnya . . - Sabtu, 14 Oktober 2017 - Jam 12.00 siang sampai 02.00 dini hari - Meeting Point Bandung, pukul 12.00. Fasilitas : - Transport PP Bandung-Pangalengan - Ijin masuk kawasan perkebunan - Makan - Dokumentasi Ghost Photography Harga cuma 475 ribu rupiah. Terbatas untuk 20 peserta saja. Siapa cepat dia dapat. Siapa mau menjenguk ibu? Hubungi kontak kami : WA : 085643194789 IG : Sociotraveler #pengabdisetan #turmisteri #ibudatanglagi #bandung #explorebandung #horor

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Sociotraveler Indonesia (@sociotraveler) pada

After gathering some information, Bayu found out that photography community Ghost Photography Community had already visited the place. “We later collaborated [with them] in putting together this mystery tour,” said Bayu, adding that the trip also included photo-hunting activities that would be guided by the community.

A screenshot of the movie |
A screenshot of the movie |

Bayu said that if the response was good, they might offer additional dates for the tour.

According to the travel agent's Instagram account, it took three months for the film crew to find the house that became the crucial setting of the movie.

“The house is owned by someone in the plantation but has been abandoned,” said Joko Anwar during the film's premiere back in September. “When we finally found the house, we couldn’t even walk on the floor as it was really fragile. We initially decided to find other location, but we eventually came back to that house.”

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