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Indonesia brings tourism industry to new heights. Literally

Indonesia brings tourism industry to new heights. Literally

Indonesia is home to a vast range of beautiful landscapes. Being on the ‘Ring of Fire’, Indonesia is blessed with a spine of volcanoes and towering mountains that have risen from the depths over millions of years. Today, we enjoy the stunning panoramas of these mountains. 

On the steep sides of Mount Parang, Purwakarta, West Java, a brand new hotel has opened up that brings the tourism industry to new heights. Literally.  The photos of this new ‘hanging hotel’ has been circulating in Indonesian social medias for days. 


The hotel is located in the area of Mount Parang, a popular climbing destination in West Java. Getting to the cabin is an adventure in itself, with guests first facing the challenge of climbing the via ferrata, which means "iron steps" in Italian, a protected climbing route that stretches 500 meters along a 60-degree terrain. Guests then continue their journey by pulling themselves across a Tyrolean traverse before finally arriving at the lodge. 

Dhanni Daelami, a climbing enthusiast and the operator of the Mount Parang tourist area, said that all facilities in Skylodge Padjajaran Anyar, the name of the hanging hotel, adhered to international standards. 

A one-night stay in the suspended, 15-square-meter cabin costs Rp 4 million (US$ 295.55), he said. The cabin can accommodate up to five adults and comes with complete facilities, including a bathroom and a kitchenette. 

The “Hanging Hotel” is the first of its kind in Asia, however, it is very similar to (and probably inspired by) the ‘Skylodge’ in Cusco, Peru. It is just like a hotel room, with a bedroom that can fit 3 people, dry toilet and small living space. It is even fit with air conditioning, electricity and a kettle!

Source : The Jakarta Post | WowShack 


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