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Asia's 10 Oldest University, Maybe One of Them is Your University.

Asia's 10 Oldest University, Maybe One of Them is Your University.

Asia's total population will increase to 4,726,841,356 by 2022. This means that Asia's population will grow by 115.78 million people in two years. This means that Asia is home to approximately 59.76 percent of the world's population. Education will be the focal point of a civilization, with the university serving as the point of reference. Here is the 10 oldest universities in Asia.

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The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is Asia's oldest university. On July 24, 1605, Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., the third Archbishop of Manila, established UST. UST was fully established on April 28, 1611. Initially UST was referred to as Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario, and was later renamed Colegio de Santo Tomás.

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The oldest institution to provide western education in India, is a living memorial to william carey, Joshua Marshman and William Ward. They founded the college in 1818 to provide training to Indian Christians to create a truly indigenous Church.

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Dhaka College is one of Bangladesh's most important and oldest higher secondary education institutions. The university was founded in 1841 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded by James Taylor Wise (civil surgeon in Dhaka) in 1835 as the English Seminary School (now Dhaka Collegiate School).

In the courtyard of the British factory, the school was built in part with public donations. The college given approval for the school on July 18, 1841. The structure was completed in 1846 with the support of the Bishop of Calcutta.

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Founded in 1849, this state campus is the oldest educational campus in Indonesia. The Dutch Colonial Government in 1849 built a college of health sciences. In January 1851 the school was officially named Doctor-Djawa School. This college specializes in medical science, precisely the education of orderlies.

The Doctor-Djawa Name was changed School tot Opleiding van Indische Artsen (School of Medicine for Indigenous Doctors) in 1898, following a name change at the end of the nineteenth century. STOVIA was the best educational institution in Indonesia for aspiring doctors for 75 years before closing in 1927.

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Yukichi Fukuzawa founded the university in 1858, and it actually started as a Dutch school in Edo (now Tokyo). The Fukuzawa school then shifted its focus to being a place to learn English in 1863. The name of the university of Keio occurred in 1868 after its fourth move to the city, and it was then that its name changed as it is known today.

Keio is considered as Japan's most prestigious private university. Keio University also operates a high school in New York, USA, known as Keio Academy of New York.

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The campus, which was established in 1860, is Pakistan's oldest medical school. The British Raj established King Edward Medical University in 1860 as Lahore Medical School. But even so, after Pakistan gained independence, the campus was renamed King Edward Medical.

In 1860, King Edward Medical University was established. It is one of the oldest medical institutions in South Asia, as well as the oldest in Pakistan. Lahore Medical College was its original name.

In 1883, the first academic building was completed. Lahore Medical College was renamed King Edward Medical College on December 21, 1911, and was granted the status of an independent university granting degrees on May 12, 2005.

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The American University of Beirut is one of the Arab world's oldest and most prestigious universities (AUB). Daniel Bliss, an American missionary, founded the University in 1866 as a Syrian Protestant College. Since November 18, 1920, the name American University of Beirut has been in use.

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Higher Education accredited the university in June 2004. This campus is known for its beautiful scenery due to its many parks.

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The University of Tokyo is a National University of Japan that was established in 1877. Todai is Japan's most prestigious educational institution, and its name is commonly simply referred to as Todai. The Meiji government established the University of Tokyo in 1877. By retaining its current name after the combination of public universities in the field of medicine and Western learning.

The university, which is also a Japanese public research university, has 5 campuses in Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane, and Nakano. Unsurprisingly, the University of Tokyo is the campus most preferred by both Japanese and international students.

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Yangon University is the forerunner of the country's major universities. The college was founded in 1878 as a branch of the University of Calcutta. The most famous university in Myanmar and the oldest university in Myanmar's modern education system. Undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs (Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate, and Doctorate) are available at the university in liberal arts, science, and law.

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The university, which was founded on October 2, 1895, was originally called Tientsin University/ Imperial Tientsin University, then changed to Peiyang University. But in 1951 it changed again to Tianjin University. TUST is a major comprehensive university located in Tianjin city. It offers a balanced discipline between Industry, science, art, economics, management and law. 

The university is committed to being an open educational institution. The mission of the university is to meet the needs of students by improving the quality of education. Developing students' skills and fostering a diverse culture of on-campus activities and social employment



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