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New ASEAN Secretariat Building is Under Construction

New ASEAN Secretariat Building is Under Construction

A groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean, Secretariat building took place early January, as Jakarta seeks to affirm its position as the bloc's diplomatic capital. 

The new secretariat will have two 16-floors towers, with a green-building concept and will feature designs from Betawi culture. Like the current secretariat, it will also be located in South Jakarta.

New ASEC building |
New ASEC building |

Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasirsaid that the cost to construct the building will be around $37 million and is part of Indonesia’s contribution to continue strengthening the Asean secretariat. He emphasized that as host country, Indonesia is responsible to provide the facility and that the existing premises are no longer adequate. 

The current Asean Secretariat was established in 1981.  

ASEC new building |
ASEC new building |

Demolition works of one of the old building was done since the last months of 2017 for preparation for the long-awaited construction of new premises. The current building is almost four decades old and has grown way too small for the more than 300 staff and the many ASEAN meetings taking place every day. New premises are therefore being built next door to the current building, which also houses the SHARE PMO, and the two will buildings ultimately be connected to form one ASEAN Secretariat complex.


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