The World’s 10 Biggest Contributors of New Ad Spend

The World’s 10 Biggest Contributors of New Ad Spend

Indonesia, South Korea, and the Philippines are amongst the world’s 10 biggest contributors of new ad dollars over the next three years, which also includes China and India.

China, in fact, would be the second-largest contributor of new ad spend between 2017 and 2020, accounting for 22% of the total figure and behind the U.S., which would account for 26%.

Indonesia, India, Japan, and the UK would contribute 4% each over the forecast period, according to Zenith’s latest quarterly ad expenditure projections.

Source: Zenith
Source: Zenith


USA 19,701
China 16,914
Indonesia 3,014
India 2,951
UK 2,817
Japan 2,720
Philippines 2,420
Brazil 1,942
Russia 1,848
South Korea 1,538

It added that global ad dollars would climb by USD$77 billion (£55.58 billion) over the next three years, with 2018 projected to see a 4.6% growth to reach USD$579 billion (£417.92 billion) by year-end.

This was an upward revision from Zenith’s previous growth forecast of 4.1%, which it attributed to surprise upticks in several markets – specifically, China, the Philippines, Argentina, and Ireland.

Advertisers also were projected to spend 40.2% of their budgets online in 2018, compared to 37.6% last year and 34.3% in 2016. Growth here was fuelled primarily by digital transformation, where advertisers were investing in technology and data to enhance their relationships with consumers.

Zenith’s global brand president Vittorio Bonori said: “We are observing sustained ROI from digital transformation.

We are now at the forefront of a transformation, as brands shift budgets along the consumer journey, benefit from powerful algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques, and invest in new e-commerce solutions. This transformation is at the heart of driving brand growth.”

Online ads climbed 13.7% last year to hit USD$204bn (£147.25bn) and were expected to account for 40.2% of overall online ad spend this year, before increasing to 44.6% in 2020. In fact, online ads last year already accounted for more than 55% of ad spend in China, Sweden, and the UK.

Source : ExchangeWire

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