The Tech Talent Demand In Southeast Asian Countries

The Tech Talent Demand In Southeast Asian Countries

Southeast Asia’s demand for tech talent continues to soar in online hiring across the IT and Telecom industry, as organisations evolve their tech capabilities in the region.

In line with the positive trend displayed in January 2018, both Singapore and Malaysia reported double-digital annual growth of 22% and 52% respectively, in February.

This is according to the latest Monster Employment Index (MEI), a monthly gauge of online hiring activity across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, tracked by It comprises data of overall hiring activity in each country, as well as specific data in the IT, Telecom/ISP and BPO/ITES industry.

Mirroring the sentiment in January, the Philippines was lagging behind both countries, recording an annual decline of 2% for February 2018.


Source: Digital News Asia
Source: Digital News Asia

Looking at occupations, all three countries exhibited positive growth in demand for Software, Hardware and Telecom professionals. Malaysia consistently outperformed its neighbours, recording a whopping 74% year-on-year growth figure in February 2018, up 35% from the 39% annual growth reported in January.

Singapore and Philippines recorded annual growth of 10% and 12% respectively, for January 2018.

However, Singapore experienced a minor decline in demand for February 2018, clocking in a growth figure of 9%. In contrast, the Philippines displayed an upward trend of 20% for the same month.


Source: Digital News Asia
Source: Digital News Asia

The demand for all things digital continues to drive transformation in the IT industry, with companies utilising technology to improve and automate their business processes. With the emergence of novel roles in the IT job market, candidates with superior analytical skills and digital expertise will come out on top,” said APAC and Middle East chief executive officer Abhijeet Mukherjee.

“However, large talent pools are hard to come by, which is why business leaders must expand their search and plan for contingencies. They must also take advantage of the various government initiatives which exist to nurture tech talent so they can fill strategic gaps in their company.”


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