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Cities with The Biggest Hotel Development Growth In Asia Pacific

Cities with The Biggest Hotel Development Growth In Asia Pacific

Jakarta is among the cities with the biggest hotel development growth in the Asia-Pacific region, a study showed.

According to research by STR Global on hotel supply development, Jakarta placed third in the Asia-Pacific region regarding hotel development.

The city recently opened 6,823 rooms, as reported by, equivalent to a 12.1 percent growth rate from the existing number of rooms. 

Accommodation demand remains stable in the capital city, which maintains a 75 percent occupancy rate. 

Number one in the region is Japanese capital Tokyo, with 15,877 new rooms, or around a 13.6 percent increase. Shanghai in China came in second with 8,826 new rooms.

"Following Jakarta is Chengdu and Guangzhou, each with 6,376 and 6,028 rooms," STR Global said in a statement.

STR Global further noted Asia-Pacific hotel development grew by 343,315 rooms among 1,534 hotels throughout the region.

Meanwhile, hotels that are still in the final stages of planning amount to 61,991, as well as an additional 1,236 rooms still in the early stages of planning.

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Source : The Jakarta Post


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