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Brian McKnight Says What Makes Him Filipino
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Brian McKnight Says What Makes Him Filipino

American R&B singer-songwriter Brian McKnight has gotten personal and opened up about his Filipino wife during his concert in Manila.

McKnight, who held a concert on December 4 at Solaire’s The Theatre, couldn’t believe that “a dirty low down dog like myself could find real true love.”

For the first time in his life, the singer said he realized how “songs have their true meaning and there’s hope for everyone in the whole wide world.”

BrianMcNight and Mendoza wedding. Image: TNPMedia
BrianMcNight and Leilani Mendoza wedding. Image: TNPMedia

He said, this is mainly “because my wife is Filipina. Oh, you didn’t know that? Now that makes me Filipino.”

McKnight, who tied the knot with Filipina doctor Leilani Mendoza in December 2017, shared how she has become his inspiration in making music.

“Every song that I write now is about my wife and the love that we share and it’s a real, real thing,” the Grammy Award-winning artist said.

He said he learned a lot since marrying Mendoza and among them are “pansit, adobo, and in the mornings, longganisa.”

McKnight and Mendoza is set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on December 29, 2018.

The singer has already started counting down to their special day and described the past year to be “the greatest year of my life.”

McKnight, known for his songs “Back at One” and “6, 8, 12,” last performed in the Philippines in 2016 at the Kia Theatre.

Source : Inquirer


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