Watch These Teens from The Philippines Rock the NBC WOD 2019 Stage!

Watch These Teens from  The Philippines Rock the NBC WOD 2019 Stage!

Dancing in professional way is not an easy thing to do, there are lots of struggles, pain, efforts and guts to create a perfect choreography. And to make a great team it takes more than only practice.

We all know how great dancers on the stage and how the performance can gives us goosebumps because it is so cool. But let’s take a moment to understand what happens behind the stage. Performing in front of hundreds of eyes can be very terrifying, can make us nervous and forget the choreography.

Yup, some performances can go wrong at any moment. But when the performance going smooth, it feels so awesome!

NBC World of Dance (WOD) is one of the biggest stage for dancer broadcasting in television in order to see which  dancer is the best in the world. In this event, surprisingly  there is one team from Southeast Asia, Vpeepz from Manila, The Philippines.

This team consists by teenagers and what makes it more amazing is they NAILED IT!

Here is the video of Vpeepz in NBC World of Dance 2019 :

With the song of  “How Low” from Ludacris, we can see their amazing choreography, their energy and their perfection

They flew far away from the Philippines  to be in this stage and got 90.3 points. All three Judges gives positive comment towards their performance.

Derek Hough : "The footwork, the speed, just how in sync you all were, how sharp, how you hit everything, the formation changes… everything was so on point. It was so strong!"

Ne-Yo : "Super strong formation, super clean moves, Synchronicity ridiculous!"

Jeniffer Lopez : "This is super professional group, you look like professionals dancing up there. and the way you dance in relation to each other it’s very thoughtful. You guys know where you are at every single moment. And the formations were flawless."


"We just want to show the world that event though we're all different, I can say that there's really unity and diversity... dance has really brought us together"



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