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Tesla to Roll On Roads in Jakarta as ... Taxi!

Tesla to Roll On Roads in Jakarta as ... Taxi!

Indonesia's taxi giant, BlueBird will start rolling out its fleet of Tesla Model X for its premium ride. The Tesla Model X is able to drive 380 at 70km/h on a single charge.

“As the largest taxi operator in Indonesia, Bluebird continues to innovate along with technological developments, to provide the best service to customers.

Source: Carmudi
Source: Carmudi

"The use of this electric taxi fleet is one of the first steps and a real manifestation of Bluebird's contribution to environmental conservation, especially in Indonesia," said Blue Bird recently.

The Tesla Model X is a mid-size all-electric luxury crossover utility vehicle made by Tesla, Inc.

Source: CNBC Indonesia
Source: CNBC Indonesia

The vehicle is unique in the concept that it uses gull-wing doors instead of traditional automotive doors.

After one full year on the market, the Model X ranked in 2016 seventh among the world's best-selling plug-in cars. Global cumulative sales since inception totaled 106,689 units through September 2018.

Source : CNBC Indonesia


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