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The Full List of First Communication Satellites Launched in Southeast Asia

The Full List of First Communication Satellites Launched in Southeast Asia

In many parts of the world, space technology is being used to improve people’s lives. Apart from their uses for everyday services like weather forecasting, long-distance communications, and GPS systems, the manifold applications of space technology assist in many other ways.

Space-borne platforms, for example, have demonstrated their capabilities in disaster management. Earth-observation satellites have provided basic support in pre-disaster preparedness programmes, disaster response monitoring, and post-disaster reconstruction. 

The various applications of space technology are crucial to many Southeast Asian countries in the areas of disaster management, agriculture, and tourism.

By developing indigenous Earth observation satellites, these countries are also better able to monitor disputed border areas and handle conflicts by providing accurate mapping for use by the military.

Herewith is the full list of first communication satellites launched in Southeast Asia:

Palapa A 1

The illustration of Palapa A 1 | Pixabay
The illustration of Palapa A 1 | Pixabay

Palapa A 1 was built by Boeing Satellite Systems and was the first domestic satellite system owned by a developing country. The Palapa-A’s antenna signal power concentrated on Indonesian islands and the surrounding Southeast Asia countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Source:  Orbital ATK
Source: Orbital ATK

In October 1991, Shinawatra Computer and Communications Co.Ltd. cooperated with Hughes Space and Communications Company to build the country’s first communications satellite system. The satellite has a broad coverage area, from Singapore to Japan.


Source: Berita Harian
Source: Berita Harian

In 1994, Hughes Space and Communication Company (HSC) formed the Malaysia East Asia Satellite (MEASAT) system.

MEASAT system provides satellite services to provide Direct-To-User (DTU) platforms and telecom operators reaching from India to Hawaii and from Japan to East Australia.


Source: Gunter's Space Page
Source: Gunter's Space Page

Built by Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation, it is the most powerful telecommunications satellite in service in the Asia-Pacific region. Delivers broadcast television, telephone and data services that cover Southeast Asia to Hawaii, some South Asia countries and China.


Source: Gunter's Space Page
Source: Gunter's Space Page

A communications satellite jointly owned by Singapore Telecom (SingTel) and Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom Company, Ltd. The ST-1 satellite provides telecommunications and direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast services to most Asia (including some India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia countries, Taiwan and South-Eastern China).


Source: Gunter's Space Page
Source: Gunter's Space Page

The turnkey telecommunication system was built by Lockheed Martin for Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) of Vietnam. Vinasat-1 provides radio, television and telephone transmission services for all Vietnam and the Asia Pacific region.


Source: Gunter's Space Page
Source: Gunter's Space Page

The satellite is a collaboration project between China APMT Co. and the Lao National Authority for Science and Technology. It was designed and developed by China Academy of Space Technology.
Lao Sat-1 provides communication links for government work, television, transmission and a range of telecommunication application to better connect the mountainous country and surrounding regions.

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