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[RANKED] Singaporeans’ Greatest Fears Revealed
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[RANKED] Singaporeans’ Greatest Fears Revealed

YouGov research reveals what Singaporeans fear most.

The survey presented respondents with 15 common phobias and asked them just how fear-inducing each one is.Drowning (53%) is the thing that Singaporeans fear most, followed by fire (48%), reptiles (47%) and cockroaches (42%).

YouGov said women respondents were generally more afraid than men, particularly when it came to reptiles and cockroaches.

However, both genders feared death equally.

Image: YouGov
Image: YouGov

Phobias also differ depending on age groups. Younger respondents aged 18 to 24 were most afraid of cockroaches and spiders, while those aged 25 to 34 feared death in particular, and older respondents aged 35 and upwards found drowning and germs the scariest, YouGov added.

Here's the kicker though. Singaporeans fear cockroaches (42 percent and fourth in the poll) more than death (40 percent and seventh in the poll). 

But honestly if you've lived in Singapore and experienced a roach infestation, you'll understand why just the name of the insect can sent shivers up a Singaporean's spine.

Look at those long antennas and spines on its legs. Truly terrifying. Image: Mashable
Look at those long antennas and spines on its legs. Truly terrifying. Image: Mashable

But Singapore is no stranger to roaches.

Apparently members of the parliament get requests to clean Singaporean residents roach-infested apartments quite regularly. Although their cause for concern is legit, you've gotta admit that catching cockroaches is a low-priority to many lawmakers, as reported by Mashable.

Just a couple of hours away from the island, a Malaysian mother found her two toddlers munching on a roach. Talk about having to think twice before kissing your loved ones.


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