The World Travel Award program of Tourism and Hospitality in Asia 2020

The World Travel Award program of Tourism and Hospitality in Asia 2020

WTA or World Travel Awards was established in 1993. The purpose is to recognize, appreciate and celebrate excellence over all sectors in the tourism industry. WTA brand is known as the great source to see a benchmark of the tourism industry because of their honesty and hard work that people put their trust in them.

This program is one of the branches from World Tourism Awards, they are raised an Asian countries that could also provide a great tourism and hospitality services especially in 2020. As president of World Travel Award, Graham Cooke, says congratulation for those countries who already won as the best nominee and did their best while pandemic covid-19 has coming and destroy the normal condition in the entire world. He add that this program is voted based on public correspondence during a year. The openness makes World Travel Awards fully trusted by people or client. This shows that their interest for travel and tourism is never goes down. The event was held on November 03, 2020.


Here is the list of the winner country with specific awards that they get:

  1. India.
    India is the second largest population in the world. They are build some beautiful destination to attract visitor to come and stay in India. No wonder if they are winning as ‘Asia’s Leading Destination’, this country is provide beautiful famous destination like the picture below.
    Taj Mahal is one of destination in India
    Taj Mahal is one of destination in India
  2. Philippines.
    They get two awards for ‘Asia’s Leading Beach Destination’ and ‘Asia’s Leading Dive Destination’. In the hospitality sector, Philippines won ‘Asia’s Leading Private Island Resort’ for the paradise escape Amanpulo.
  3. Sri Lanka.
    This country offering the luxury, wealth adrenalin and then bring them to get a title as ‘Asia’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination’. Also, Sri Lanka’s Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa claimed ‘Asia’s Leading Boutique Resort’.
  4. Vietnam.
    Vietnam’s palatial InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort rewarded with titles for ‘Asia’s Leading Luxury Resort’ and ‘Asia’s Leading Green Resort’.
  5. Singapore.
    This country has won two program. First, in the hospitality aspect, the iconic of Raffles Singapore is pick as ‘Asia’s Leading Hotel”. Then, in the aviation sector, Singapore Airlines was named ‘Asia’s Leading Airline’.
    Singapore Airlines
    Singapore Airlines
  1. Bali Island.
    Bali is part of Indonesia country. So many beautiful places in Bali. There are so many aspects which help to make the foreigner comfortable to stay. Besides the beaches or traditional store, but the resort is one of triggered aspects. Resort in Bali won as ‘Asia’s Leading Resort’ as the best resort in the world. This shows how Balinese can give good service.
    St. Regis Bali Resort. (cc.TripAdvisor)
    St. Regis Bali Resort. (cc.TripAdvisor)
  2. China.
    China builds multiple destinations with fast time. Various latest innovations were created there. They seek to attract visitors with the creation of luxury and safe hotels. No wonder if they won ‘Asia’s Leading New Hotel’ and ‘Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort’

Other winners on different program are Tokyo (‘Asia’s Leading City Break Destination’); Vietnam travel (‘Asia’s Leading Tour Operator’); InterContinental Hotels & Resorts (‘Asia’s Leading Business Hotel Brand’); Hertz (‘Asia’s Leading Car Rental Company’); PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore (‘Asia’s Leading Green Hotel’); Seoul, South Korea (Asia’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination’); Philippines, Department of Tourism (‘Asia’s Leading Tourist Board’); and Bali (‘Asia’s Most Romantic Destination’).

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