Beat the Philippines, Indonesia has the highest covid-19 cases in Asean

Beat the Philippines, Indonesia has the highest covid-19 cases in Asean

The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is currently recorded at 467,113 cases with a total death rate of 15,211, while the Philippines has 407,838 cases with a total death of 7,832. This figure looks quite far from the Philippines as the second country with the most cases of Corona deaths in Southeast Asia.

Based on the worldometers (16/11/2020), here are the details of the corona cases in ASEAN:

No Country Active Cases Total Deaths Total Recovered
1. Indonesia 59.911 15.211 391.991
2. Philippines 25.677 7.832 374.329
3. Malaysia 13.323 309 34.785
4. Thailand 94 60 3.721
5. Vietnam 143 35 1.103
6. Singapore 62 28 58.029
7. Brunei Darussalam 0 3 145
8. Cambodia 13 0 289
9. Laos 1 0 23
10. Myanmar 15.066 1.577 52.351

 Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) claimed that the active cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia were still better than the world average. Based on data on October 11, 2020, the average active case of Covid-19 is 19.97%. This figure is lower than the world average of active COVID-19 cases which reached 22.1%.

"It is our big task here, how to keep the death rate pressed," said Jokowi.

However, the former mayor of Solo admitted that the Indonesian Covid-19 death rate was still above the world average. The death rate is still at 3.55 percent. Meanwhile, the world average is 2.88 percent.

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