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How Vietnam become digital nation in just 3 years?

How Vietnam become digital nation in just 3 years?

Digital Nation is a country that provides various facilities for an effective and efficient life. Internet network as a supporter of the smooth digital life plays an important role. Almost all facilities are digitized. This digital activity requires an internet connection. If the Internet is slow, digital growth slows down too. To be able to compete globally, a fast Internet is a solution to the Digital Nation. And this needs support from various parties, including the private sector. Then, which country is the readiest to implement this digital application?

The digital revolution that began with the replacement of analog technology with digital technology has changed various aspects of life around the world. Effectiveness and efficiency as a result of the application of digital technology is a real need in society, especially to facilitate various things and this continues to grow along with technological developments and innovations in the digital field.

Digital Nation picture
Digital Nation picture

Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam are the countries surveyed by Mobile industry specialists GSMA in government agencies, mobile operators, and other digital ecosystem players to fashion the report.

Just in three years, the traditional markets have changed to digital transformation especially in improvements to the digital identity, digital citizenship, and digital lifestyle components.

The study report that Vietnam has the most improved score in all nations above, the score is up around 12 points from 2016 to 2019. This is based on boost connectivity, the fast expansion of the LTE network.

Vietnam Conference
Vietnam Conference

GSMA has looked at the Government of Vietnam who pursuing a new chapter of industry 4.0 that includes infrastructure, technology, and human resources. Along with the change to digital, the transformation can improve a business online become 42% within the next five years.

Digital payments and electric vehicles have increased in a short period of time in the most Southeast Asian states which encourages growth rate in tech-driven opportunities. But GSMA has stated that there is some challenge to further progress, “particularly in the digital commerce component and concerning policies to support innovative startups”

Look up to 5G mobile technology is estimated to grow only 5 % but according to APAC, the wireless connection should grow up to 23%. In this study the most advanced are Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Then, the report also concerns the gap between digital economics in APAC has “narrowed moderately” in recent years, therefore classifying Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia as “transition” digital societies, while Pakistan and Bangladesh are viewed as “emerging”.

GSMA insists on other countries to do more to catch up and accelerate progress, even though the distance is still significant. Of course, Vietnam’s country is a success because of supported by the government, and the Citizen also welcomed it well, then when the other countries that joined ASEAN become a digital nation? Hopefully soon.

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