Thailand is about to Launch the Largest Train Station in Southeast Asia!

Thailand is about to Launch the Largest Train Station in Southeast Asia!

Thailand is planning to launch its megaproject, the Bang Sue Grand Station, in 2021. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, the railway will help ease Bangkok's traffic jams and as a regional transportation hub. The station will be positioned in a way so that it will strengthen the connection with the regional transportation network.

The station will replace Bangkok Station as the capital's railway hub. With a plan to connect Dong Mueang in Bangkok and U-Tapao in Rayong province in just under an hour, this new project will be expected to enhance Thailand's economic growth. It will serve inter-city trips and underground, commuter, and high-speed trains that link Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, and U-Tapao international airports.

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Largest Railway Station in Southeast Asia

The Bang Sue Grand Station is sitting in an area of 1,280 acres. The grand station is able to accommodate 26 to 40 trains at the same time, with a maximum capacity of 600,000 passengers daily. The buildings itself is four stories high, 12 platforms, and has 24 train tracks. The external construction of the station has been completed, and the internal decorations are expected to be finished and functional by 2021.

Not only this grand station will be the largest station in Southeast Asia, but it also offers an environmental friendly architecture, serving 30% green spaces, and will be "pollution-free" since it only serves electric trains, said Voravut Mala, former Acting Governor of the State Railway of Thailand.

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New Center for Business District

The plan for Bang Sue Grand Station is inspired by the success of Japan's urban development on the railway. Thailand hopes to promote the grand station as a pioneer for developing a New Central Business District in the nearby area.

The infrastructural development around the area will be expected to boost new opportunities for jobs and income for the local economy. The grand station will also help the traffic flow in Bangkok as a result of a more efficient commuting network.

Lastly, this mega project is the perfect tool to help Thailand facing a pandemic with mass employment and business opportunities both in domestic and regional for the people. Thus, that can help the economy to get back on track.

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