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3 Advantages of Conversational AI for Businesses in 2021

3 Advantages of Conversational AI for Businesses in 2021

In 2018, this trend began to dominate the market and change the world, several digital technology players flocked to immerse chatbots into their platforms.

So, what is a conversational AI? And what are the benefits in your business?

In general, it is a computer program designed to simulate intellectual conversations with humans either audio or text, and continue to evolve to support the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence). In this era of technology 4.0, business is not just trying out trends but how a business can quickly adapt to the times. With a conversational AI, it will really help the business development of business people. Here are 3 advantages of using conversational AI:

1. Cost-effective and easy to reach consumers

Illustration of Cost-Effective (Source:
Illustration of Cost-Effective (Source:

Instead of hiring many employees to serve consumer inquiries, or make mobile applications. Making it can be connected to various chat applications will be much cheaper and more effective for your business. In addition, with a conversational AI connected to a chat service, customers can access your business at any time. The reach to customers is also wider because it can interact with many consumers simultaneously anytime and anywhere.

2. Can work 24 hours

Illustration of Conversational AI (Source:
Illustration of Conversational AI (Source:

Technology-based business services have now become something that is needed. The internet that knows no time has changed the paradigm of current business services and changed the patterns of modern consumer shopping behavior which is increasingly dynamic. Unlike humans, conversational AI can work 24 hours a day, and that will help increase customer satisfaction with your business services.

3. Can do market research

Illustration of Market Research (Source:
Illustration of Market Research (Source:

One of the other benefit is that it really helps you in collecting data and information about consumers such as consumer habits and behavior. So that it will make it easier for you to find out what customers want and can make changes to your marketing strategy anytime in your business quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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