Freegeb Merauke : The First Circuit in Eastern Indonesia

Freegeb Merauke : The First Circuit in Eastern Indonesia

Frederikus Gebze, the regent of Merauke, officially inaugurate Freegeb Waninggap Sai Gau Tak. This circuit will be used for the PON Papua which is postponed by October 2021. The circuit is 85 percent has completed.

The IMI Central Motorbike Engineering and Safety Bureau carried out a track inspection on the 1,85 km circuit called the IMI Standard Circuit. It is said that the strength of this circuit will be in the corner flowing, no hard braking with asphalt width of 8 meters each for left and right runoffs.

The head of the Merauke PUPR office, H.B.L. Tobing, argues that this motorbike circuit is the only one in eastern Indonesia with a cost of more than 95 billion.

The motorbike circuit covers an area of 26.5 hectares, including 16.5 hectares of land for the road race, 6.2 hectares of land for the engine crossroads, and 3.8 hectares of land for the star.

He stated that the circuit is built with a support facility, a VIP stand, and a stand with a capacity of 1,000 spectators. There is also a Paddock area, a secretariat building, a guardhouse, a public toilet, a clean water facility, and others.

Not only for the PON Papua, but this circuit is also a government resource to foster enthusiasm for the young generation of Merauke who have potential in the automotive sports sector.
"The place already exists, no more illegal races on the streets. Please use this facility as best you can," Frederikus added.

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