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Biker Dog Bogie Thrills Fans as He Crosses Philippine highways
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Biker Dog Bogie Thrills Fans as He Crosses Philippine highways

Bogie the dog sure is one suave-looking canine, with an Easy Rider look that would give him a spot in any motorcycle gang, with his black sports jacket, reflective aviator sunglasses, and bespoke orange helmet with holes so his ears can stick out.

The 11-year-old crossbreed from the Philippines runs on a regular bike with his trainer, Gilbert Delos Reyes, comfortably balanced with his hind legs on the edge of the seat and his paws on the handlebars. Bogie has become a neighborhood star and a draw for attention on mountain and beach road trips.


"The first thing I taught him when he was about four months old was how to ride a motorcycle. I will bring him whenever I rode," said Reyes, who owns a motorcycle shop in the province of Cavite outside the capital of Manila.

"One day every time I left the building, he just started trailing me. As soon as I started the engine, he'd get excited and hop on the bike."

Bogie is also good for business, helping to draw clients willing to take photos with him to the shop of Reyes, and also doling out paw shakes.

He also proved himself to be useful as a guard dog, once pursuing robbers who were attempting to rob the gold necklace of his owner at an intersection.

Reyes bought Bogie for 100 pesos ($2) when he was only a month old, but says the dog was a lucky charm and priceless.

"As a son, I think of Bogie. He's been with me for eleven years, and he's a huge part of my life,' Reyes said.

"We've had so many adventures and been together in so many places, I don't think I'll ever be able to replace him."

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