Christmas Hairstyles: A Great 5 Hairstyles That You Can Do at Home

Christmas Hairstyles: A Great 5 Hairstyles That You Can Do at Home

Christmas and New Year are getting closer. What kind of celebrations do you want to have? Have you prepared?


This does not rule out the possibility to dress up when attending this occasion. Not only for your outfit or nice dress but you also have to pay attention to your hair that will make you more beautiful.

By using some accessories, hairstyling products, and tools you can easily make your hair look much better and different from your usual look but still elegant. Here are some elegant styles and ideas that you can do on your own at home.



Many people think that being simply when dressing up is underrated. While you can show off through running low-key in your hair and easy it does not really mean effortless. Just make sure it has really healthy and shiny. By have a look of fabulous and glossy in instant, you can try with a fresh blowout.

Lisa on ELLE China/Sina Weibo
Lisa on ELLE China/Sina Weibo

With having the right hair styling tools, you will do this by yourself at home. You just need a round brush and a good hairdryer. The tip is to use the brush attachment on your hairdryer to create a completely smooth and softly voluminous effect.


Barrettes are always perfectly matched with any hair length and texture. But don't just clip it then you're done. You will need a few touches like getting a blow-dried first before applying hair serum or hair oil to make it shinier and to tame flyaway. 


In the middle or sides, pull and pin properly, then place the barrettes in the ear area or along the hairline. Then choose several colors of barrettes and the same pattern to make it look more gorgeous. You may find a lot of beautiful barrettes to complete your style on Christmas Eve, shop here SSENSE.COM


You don’t need any curling iron to look less soft romantic, just by using a hair straightener you can do an updated version of beach waves hair. It has a lot more prominently textured and “crinkled”.

Kylie Jenner on Instagram
Kylie Jenner on Instagram/@kyliejenner

First, you need to create waves in order to get curl hair by “wrapping” hair within the hairstyling tool. Repeat the same thing for your whole hair to create wavy hair. After you finish, then tousle gently and spray some hairspray on it.


Anyone can try a ponytail hairstyle and all you need just know well how long your hair is whether it’s long or medium hair, it will perfectly fabulous within this chic half ponytail hairstyle.

FameFlynet Pictures
FameFlynet Pictures

Take some of the top hair and tying up leaving a little messy impression. Then take a few strands to make it like a pony. If your hair is straight, don’t be sad, you can curl it first so it looks naturally wavy.

Your Christmas day is ready to welcome you within this chic half ponytail. It looks gorgeous and yet less formal. Use this hairstyle when you hang out with your friends on Christmas Eve.


The half-up twist hairdo is also similar to the previous one but doesn’t create any pony. The difference is you have to twist your hair first before you tied up to make it more elegant. The first step is you need to divide your hair into two bunches from the crown of your head. Then twist one bunch of hair in each hand and doing the same thing right after you are done with the one side. After you finish then you can ties up the braid with bobby pins or barrettes.

Getty Images/Andreas Rentz
Jessica Chastain on Lawless Premiere/ Getty Images by Andreas Rentz

You also can add some barrettes or hairclip with some pattern or glitter on it to make it more alive.

This hair will create an elegant look and more beautiful that makes you look like a princess celebrating Christmas Eve.

Have you decided on your hairstyle? Which one do you like? Christmas Eve is coming in your way.


Source: CNA Lifestyle

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