Papua's Noken Becomes Google Doodle Today

Papua's Noken Becomes Google Doodle Today
Featured Image Caption © Source: The Jakarta Post

The doodle on the landing page of Google is celebrated on Friday to celebrates noken (traditional Papuan carryalls).

It commemorates the day noken was added in 2012 as urgent safeguarding in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Illustrated by Depok-based artist Danu Fitria, the doodle celebrates handicraft symbols and their practical use in the everyday life of the Papuan people.

According to Google In the Provinces of Papua and West Papua, this bag describes as holding great cultural and socioeconomic significance.

The bags are typically made from tree fibers, bark, or leaves, which are processed into solid threads before being knotted or woven together. Incredibly durable and flexible, the bags are used in everyday life to carry and store staples such as food, firewood, and also to carry toddlers and small animals.

Source: Berita Papua
Source: Berita Papua

In addition, noken was also a sign of cultural unity among more than 250 ethnic groups in the region, aside from its functional uses in everyday life. It is sometimes used as a type of savings and often also plays a symbolic role in peaceful dispute resolution.

The heritage has come under threat despite being passed down through generations. After it has been added to UNESCO's list, attempts to sustain its long-life for future generations have been made.

Source : The Jakarta Post

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