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Complete List 2021: Which Asian Countries Are Open for Tourism Now?

Complete List 2021: Which Asian Countries Are Open for Tourism Now?

Despite the second and third waves of COVID-19 infections, most Asian countries continue to efficiently manage the pandemic and have kept new cases and death tolls low. The world is better prepared this time around. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asia Pacific has taken the cautious approach to inbound travel and has had some of the strictest border restrictions and closures. At the moment, the nations of the region are in the beginning stages of reopening their borders for tourism, with every country introducing its own regulations.

The “unlocking” statuses vary widely, and travelers entering these countries may be required to do everything from self-quarantining, submitting negative COVID-19 tests, and providing proof of health insurance. Domestic travel is the first to come back to life, and you can fly between selected destinations in countries like Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

This is especially true on that side of the world, where many countries are settling into a “new normal” way of life. Their efforts in containing and preventing new outbreaks have paid off and as of today a few countries have reopened or are very close to reopening their borders to international travelers once again.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the current border status of 16 Asian countries reopening for tourism.

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