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Malaysian Indian Classical Dancers Make Their Way To History
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Malaysian Indian Classical Dancers Make Their Way To History

Recently, 36 young Indian classical dancers from Sri Rathakrishanan Music & Arts Centre participated in Suaranatya in conjunction to the fifteen years anniversary of the dance academy. The event was a record attempt to enter Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) and Asia Book of Records (ABR). 

In recognition of such astounding achievement, all 36 participants have been awarded a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for 'Longest Non-stop Traditional Dance Relay' and 'Most Number of All Women Participants in a 24-Hour Barathanatyam Relay' earning themselves an Asia Book of Records (ABR) entry to get 'Longest Non-stop Traditional Dance Relay' accolade. Each participant danced on a relay basis, covering a variety of devotional songs and cumulatively logged a total running time of 35 hours to earn pride of place in the MBR and ABR. They reportedly started dancing on May 1, 2021 (Saturday, 8.00am) and continued till the evening of May 2, 2021 (Sunday, 7.00pm).

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Suaranatya in collaboration with Pertubuhan Kesenian & Kebudayaan SRFA was successfully launched by the guests of honour, Dato Mohan and Datin Velankani at Sri Rathakrishanan Music & Arts Centre’s dance studio at Kota Kemuning. Also, present during the event were Mr. Theban Arumugam, Mrs. Sri Devi Chandrasegaran, Ms. Shathiyah Kristian and representatives from MBR and ABR, Mr. Edwin Yeoh and Ms. Vibha Bhatia.

The principal, Ms. Nalini Rathakris, also the brain behind Suaranatya, has passion and unadulterated dedication for Indian classical dance that led her teaching for 16 years. She wishes to ingrain discipline, stresses on good qualities and attitudes, helps the future generation to develop leadership, communication and organization skills that produce great achievers and noble people for the community. This noble motive is accomplished by Nalini and the dancers of this academy, a team of aspiring and determined students that work together towards a common mission.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

The participants’ ages ranged from 9 to 40 years consisted of school students, college graduates and working adults, who worked tirelessly and battled against all odds to set these records. Even in the face of Covid-19 lockdown and global pandemic, the participants rehearsed and prepared vehemently.

“What we are trying to do is not to recognise achievements but inspire young Malaysian women to accomplish great things. We want to promote the spirit of human excellence and make the nation proud,” said Nalini. She added her dance academy will bring about an impressive attempt and intends to enter Guinness World Records in near future.

For more information on Sri Rathakrishanan Music & Arts Centre, please visit them at @srirathakrishanan_fine_arts on Instagram, their Facebook page, Sri Rathakrishnan FA and YouTube channel, Sri Rathakrishanan Fine Arts.

Congratulations to the dancers of the Sri Rathakrishanan Music & Arts Centre for your amazing achievement! 


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