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Train travel from Portugal to Singapore is now possible

Train travel from Portugal to Singapore is now possible

Do you have a thing for trains? Good news is that you may now travel by train from Portugal to Singapore, which is a long distance between the two countries. Yes, all the way to the end. That's quite a voyage you've taken.

You won't be shocked to learn that this 18,000-kilometer train excursion — the world's new longest rail journey – will take a staggering 21 days to accomplish in total. In addition, you will be required to switch providers on a regular basis... rather a bit.

Starting in Lagos, Portugal, the journey will take passengers via cities such as Paris, Moscow, Beijing, and Bangkok, where they will change trains. There's a big gap-yah energy. However, if you happen to have some much-needed vacation time coming up, spending a few days in each of those locations sounds like a fantastic way to spend it. Is there a chasm here? Gap yeaah, that's more like it.

by Secret London
by Secret London

The voyage just recently become the world's longest train travel, owing to the completion of a new 464-kilometer route connecting Laos and China. Following their arrival at China's Mohan station (in Yunnan), passengers will be able to take a separate train all the way to Singapore.

At least according to train blogger The Man in Seat 61, the previous longest rail journey in the world was supposed to be an epic voyage from London to Singapore, which required traveling the Trans-Siberian Express via Russia. This new route, on the other hand, outdistances it by several thousand kilometers.


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