From highest to lowest, this is the ranking total combat tank fleet strength by country in Asia Pacific

From highest to lowest, this is the ranking total combat tank fleet strength by country in Asia Pacific

For each national power included for the annual ranking, the Global Firepower tracks frontline armored combat systems. All branches of the military consider track-over-wheel designs (Army, Marines).

The German 'Leopard 2' (shown) and Russian T-90 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) are examples, as are light-class systems like Thailand's 'Stingray' Light Tank. Products that are currently under development or on order for the following year are not considered.

The information on this list is valid until 2022. When official data is unavailable, estimates are made.

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Vietnam, ranked second in Southeast Asia, has the most powerful military. The current military budget for Vietnam is $6.3 billion, which is $3 billion less than the military budget for Indonesia. Indonesia has one of Southeast Asia's most powerful military.

The Vietnamese military has 470,000 active soldiers and 53,450,591 available manpower, according to the Global Firepower 2022 assessment.

After relying nearly entirely on the former Soviet Union and Russia in the past, Vietnam has begun to explore alternative sources. The United States, Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland, Spain, and other European countries are among its new equipment suppliers.

The Vietnamese Air Force’s current inventory counts 218 aircraft, principally fighters/interceptors (75) and multi-purpose helicopters (99). (99). They have a total of 2,044 tanks.

The Vietnamese army's T-90S/SK tank is one of the most powerful. Vietnam's T-90S/SK is the world's most complete and popular main tank version, having been imported from Russia. 

A 125mm smoothbore cannon and an automatic reloading system are included in the T-90S/SK. The Shtora active defense system is paired with composite armor, Kontakt 5 explosive reactive armor, and the Shtora active defense system. 

The T-90S/SK tanks in Vietnam are equipped with 1000 horsepower engines, a top speed of 60 km/h, and a total weight of less than 50 tons, allowing for easy movement in a variety of terrain.

Vietnam is currently one of many countries around the world that owns and operates the main tank T-90S/SK, which has a promising upgrade potential in the future.


Source: Global FirePower 2022 Report,,

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