The largest universities in the world by enrollment. Surprisingly! Asia dominates the list

The largest universities in the world by enrollment. Surprisingly! Asia dominates the list

Leading modern universities are a long way from the original universities, which were only starting out as educational organizations. Without benefactors, the early colleges struggled to survive, but now, many of these institutions of higher learning are money-making factories. 

To accommodate students and provide a more wide selection of topics, some prominent institutions have developed separate university campuses. These students include undergraduate, postgraduate, and distant online students from local locations as well as international students from various nations. The world's largest universities are listed below.

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University - Delhi, India - 4.9 Million Students

Delhi, India is home to the Indira Gandhi National Open University. There are almost 4,000,000 students enrolled at the university. Open and distant learning are the most popular learning options. As part of its curriculum, the Indira Gandhi National Open encourages research, teaching, extension, and training. In Kerala, the institution has opened its first regional headquarters, with more planned in the future to serve even more students.

  1. California Community College System - California, United States - 2.1 Million Students

With a combined enrolment of 2.1 million students, the California Community College System is the world's second-largest university system. The system dates back to the early 1900s, when the government recognized the need to establish a system of academic and vocational schools to fill a labor shortage in California. There are currently 114 colleges in the system.

  1. National University, Bangladesh -Gazipur, Bangladesh - 2.0 Million Students

Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh is home to the Bangladesh National University. This state-run institution has a total student population of 1,000,000, spread over its many associate campuses across the country as well as those on its main campus. There are also undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Bangladesh National University offers courses in social science, physical science, humanities, languages, mathematics, education, commerce and business administration, law, computer science, and biology.

  1. Anadolu University - Eskisehir, Turkey - 1.9 Million Students

Eskisehir, Turkey is home to Anadolu University. It has a student body of more than 2,000,000 people. Apart from its main campus in Eskisehir, which is 230 miles from Ankara, Anadolu offers open and remote learning. In addition, the institution has two more campuses in Eylul. Its "Global Campus" offers a world-class education system that is technologically oriented. It has 14 faculties, three of which are remote learning options.

  1. Islamic Azad University - Iran - 1.5 Million Students

With a combined enrollment of nearly 1.5 million students, Azad Institution is the world's sixth largest university. It is an Iranian university system. Azad University, unlike California's community colleges, is a network of privately run universities. It has been around since 1982. The institution has branches in 31 cities around Iran, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom.

The top 15 universities include Universitas Terbuka (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Ramkhamhaeng University (Bangkok, Thailand). 9th (646,467) and 14th (646,467) respectively (525,000)

15 Largest Universities In the World by Enrollment 

  1. India Gandhi National Open University - Delhi, India - 4,000,000
  2. California Community Colleges System - California, United States - 2,100,000
  3. National University, Bangladesh - Gazipur, Bangladesh - 2,097,182
  4. Anadolu University - Eskisehir, Turkey - 1,974,343
  5. Islamic Azad University - Iran - 1,576,349
  6. Allama Iqbal Open University - Islamabad, Pakistan - 1,326,948
  7. Payame Noor University - Tehran, Iran - 800,000
  8. Bangladesh Open University - Gazipur, Bangladesh - 650,000
  9. Universitas Terbuka - Jakarta, Indonesia - 646,467
  10. State University of New York System - New York, United States - 606,232
  11. Tribhuvan University - Kirtipur, Nepal - 604,437
  12. Chaudhary Charan Singh University - Meerut, India - 560,000
  13. University of Mumbai - Mumbai, India - 549,432
  14. Ramkhamhaeng University - Bangkok, Thailand - 525,000
  15. Savitribai Phule Pune University - Pune, India - 500,000



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